Hofland Rubber in Tolbert is a manufacturer of rubber products with an extensive machine park. We deploy our expertise to produce small series of rubber articles within short lead times. Our close-knit team collaborates with our customers to achieve the desired end results.

A brief outline of Hofland’s activities:

Thanks to our long history, we have a great deal of experience in rubber products and their applications. If you are looking for gaskets and need them at short notice, or if you are in need of a rubber profile or moulded item, we at Hofland Rubber are ready to manufacture your rubber products to the highest standards.

A fitting solution for all applications.


We have taken a dive into our archives and blown the dust from many documents to discover that Hofland has been active in the province of Groningen since 1946. This is actually much further back in time than we had realised! The business used to operate under the name Heeneman Techniek, and took on the name Hofland Deltaflex Groep in 1993. Under this name, the company really put itself on the map, receiving ISO certification in 2018. A quick jump forward to 2021 and Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek was taken over by Hevea Holding, continuing under the name Hofland Rubber effective from 2023. In short: ample history for a modest company from the North. And while the timeline is already impressive; there are still many steps ahead.


Hevea Holding

Hofland Rubber has been part of Hevea Holding since 2021. If you are looking for a supplier who can meet all your needs for rubber products and you prefer to work with professionals who know all the ins and outs of rubber, then Hevea Holding is the right address for you.

  • RIS Rubber in Lelystad is your ideal partner for the development, production and testing of complex moulded-rubber items, as well as rubber/metal products.
  • RIS Rubber also has a production site in Kula (Bulgaria) – a location where efficient production at low cost is feasible and larger series are manufactured.
  • Hofland Rubber in Tolbert provides an extensive range of moulded-rubber products, and is notable for its flexibility and rapid deliveries.

From large, complex series to minor urgent assignments – Hevea Holding is the go-to manufacturer.


Hevea Holding