Temperature and pressure are the two requirements for the production of a moulded rubber article using a compression-moulding press. The well-considered combination of these two parameters differs from one product to another, and that is where our expertise comes in. Installed on the Hofland Rubber premises in Tolbert are 15 vulcanising presses with various dimensions, so we can work with both small and large moulds. We can therefore offer an extensive range of possibilities when it comes to moulded rubber products. If you are in need of a large moulded rubber product you will be pleased to hear that our largest press has maximum dimensions of 1250 x 1250mm.


The rubber is cut to size manually before being put into the mould. Our production professionals first ensure the correct dimensions of the rubber, after which they fill the mould so that the compression-moulding press can start the processing of the mould/rubber combination. The application of heat and pressure makes the rubber flow to fill the shape of the mould. As soon as the vulcanisation time has expired, the expert takes the mould out of the press, removes the product from the mould and carries out the finishing process. And there you are… your moulded-rubber item is ready!



At Hofland Rubber we produce both full-rubber products and products incorporating metal, such as large metal valves fitted with a rubber gasket. To ensure a successful bond between the rubber and metal, such rubber/metal connections undergo an additional step before the start of the vulcanisation process. The metal has to be pre-treated before the parts of the product are attached to one another. First, the metal is degreased, then the surface is roughened and an adhesive layer is applied. An effective rubber/metal connection is achieved by performing all of these steps properly.

If you are interested in moulded rubber products, Hofland Rubber manufactures moulded rubber items in various shapes, sizes and compounds. Or perhaps you are looking for a cut rubber article or an extrusion product. In that case you have still come to the right address: Hofland Rubber. If you have any other queries about our possibilities, please contact us. We would be delighted to deal with your queries.