Soft gaskets

Soft gaskets

We cut our soft gaskets from gasket sheet using our Computer Numerical Control cutting plotters. If you would like to know more about how this works, make sure you read our page about the cutting of rubber. Hofland Rubber’s soft gaskets are available in various types of material, each with its own specific properties.


This competitively priced gasket can be widely deployed. It is especially suited for application in the shipbuilding industry and installation technology, as well as for general use for both warm and cold water applications. This material, available in the colour blue, complies with several quality standards, including BAM, DVGW, TZW, Germanischer Lloyd, PZH, IGNiG and GOST.


This soft gasket has the FDA quality mark for use as a gasket in the food industry. Other applications include the chemical industry, shipbuilding and generators. This gasket has a high gas density and is available in the colour white. In addition to its FDA quality label, this material also meets the standards of KTW, WRC, DVGW, SVGW, ÖVGW, BAM, TA-Luft and Germanischer Lloyd.


A highly versatile gasket with a very competitive price range. It has a nitrile rubber base, reinforced with synthetic fibres. Applications for this gasket include hot and cold water systems, steamy environments, oils and fuels, and a wide range of general chemicals. This material is slightly softer than Temasil and, since it doesn’t come with a quality mark, is supplied at a very competitive price.


A graphite-based seal with a strong and special polymer coating. In addition to its easy processing and strength, it also ensures a long service life. This gasket can be used up to temperatures of 450°C but can also withstand -196°C.

Graphite sheet material

Our range of graphite materials includes gasket sheets in various qualities, mostly available from stock. Graphite products are commonly used for applications involving steam or higher temperatures, but also for cryogenic applications requiring very low temperatures.

We process graphite sheet material with an inlay (nail plate) in several thicknesses. Our range also includes Grafilit-SP, an expanded graphite material with a stainless steel inlay. This material also comes with various quality marks such as DVGW, BAM and DNV GL.


In addition to the materials already mentioned, we can also cut gaskets from other materials, including PTFE, oil paper and aramid fibre gasket sheet in large or small series with short lead times.

We can punch or cut all of these materials to suit your requirements in small or large series.